Get the $50 Free Initial Capital Without Deposit – Poker Strategy Quiz Answers

Welcome to the page! Here you can find very useful information about getting your free initial bankroll capital. You can use it for for playing poker online!

There is a site which offer you a free poker education with thousands of educational articles and videos. They also give you a free $50 initial capital on a poker account you choose!

If you pass the Poker Strategy quiz you will get a $50 Initial Capital without paying any deposit! You’ re probably wondering why is this quiz needed? I will tell you why… They want to learn their players how to become a good online poker player!

You will  have to register at Poker Strategy site and correctly complete their quiz as I mentioned above. Please spend 10 minutes of your time and read all the content of this page which will help you to pass the quiz. Yo will see that is very simple. There are 10 available online playing sites with 5 tries to get your free poker bankroll.

Registration steps:

1. After you visit Poker Strategy web page and click on the register now button you will need to fill out the form with your data. (Do not close this page).
2. After the registration is done an  e-mail with verification link will be sent to the e-mail which you filled in.

Now when your account is created you need to pass their simple quiz:

1. When your registration is done click on the “Free $50 starting capital” link. We recommend you to check Fixed Limit Holdem if you don’t know nothing about the SSS.

2. Now download following .pdf file: click here and simply use it to browse the right answer to a lot of your questions.

3. Now check all the learning stuff at their page in basic section. Take notes and save the Poker Strategy quiz answers.


Note: Bankroll management

- Move up if you have the higher number than 300 big bets of the next higher limit.

- Move down if you have below 300 big bets of the previous limit.

- Maximize ( Rise the limits) profits with no risk of losing your whole bankroll.

- Never put your bankroll in risk.

After you read all the material on their site press the button (Same one is showed on picture below) to take the quiz.

You will have 1 hour to answer 20 questions quiz which is enough (even too much) time for this quiz. Simple, isn’t it?

So, after you pass the quiz, you will get this message:

After you have answered to all the questions, you will be asked where you want to play poker online. The Full Tilt Poker, William Hill, 888 Poker, Party Poker etc. will be offered to you. We recommend to choose Full Tilt Poker because they are the most secured and simplest play. Also, The most known players (Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Phil Ive) play at Full Tilt Poker so we believe that it is the best option. Now, select where you want to play the poker, and fill in your username (Clear your cache if  already been on the poker platform page you are registering with).

Important: When you are filling in your information, write the correct data.

That’s all about it!  Fast and simple 50 $ on your poker account from Poker Strategy to start your poker adventure!

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